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Aussie Kamikaze

PS4 Handle:


Aussie kamikaze is a truck driver by day gamer by nights spends the
weekend juggling his family from his game play if it's on the xbox360,
PS4 and also on his iPad/iPhone I love a good chill out on some gaming
device trying to blow up something.


Dr Gothic

Xbox Handle: DR GOTHIC

His obsession with video games is linked to his earliest childhood memory – getting his first gaming console (pong) for christmas. From trips to the arcade to owning almost every system that hit the market since the Atari 2600.


Xbox Handle: F0cisvt
PS3 Handle:
My first experience in gaming was with the original Xbox.  I did have few games I played on PC's, but not until the Xbox came out with Halo, The multiplayer aspect really took off I was hooked. Nothing like a bunch of friends vegging out around 4 tv's playing Halo until the wee morning hours!  I am a gamer 4 life.  I enjoy co-op modes with a friend or jumping in to multiplayer madness maps in Battlefield.  I also enjoy spending time with my family and children!





Xbox Handle: Bearshark1
Steam Handle:
My first memories of gaming started on the OG Gameboy given to me by a friend. From there I made my way into an OG Xbox due to the amazing experience I had with Halo. But that is really only the story of how I got into console gaming, I would mention that I had done some PC gaming, thanks to my older brothers, as a child. Ultima VIII will still be some of the fondest memories I have as a young gamer. Mostly I play Android, PC, or Xbox 360 games. (I have not made the jump to "Next-gen" consoles yet.)

Presently I have aspirations of making my own games, which are in progress as you read this. You may hear of them in the future, but this is not my personal soap box. Other than that, I am a father and a husband working in a call center to pay the bills.