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Whats your favorite gamer snack

Because a gamer cannot subsist on a breakfast burritos alone, while doing a high speed race to taking on the zombie apocalypse or crossing an active battlefield one can workup a mighty appetite.

Here are our Top Gamer Snacks.


Aussie: To god damn sweet!
Dr Gothic: Start every morning with one.

Red Bull

Aussie: Love it!
Dr Gothic: Red Bull is to sweet for me.

Fairy Floss

Aussie: Sugary goodness!
Dr Gothic:
When Aussie first mentioned this I said you like what?
Then I realized that he meant Cotton Candy.


Aussie: Brain Freeze!
Dr Gothic:
I like mixing the cherry and the cola flavor.


Aussie: The Best Aussie Snack there is!
Dr Gothic:
Never had them.

Beef Jerky

Aussie: BEEEF Ahhhh!
Dr Gothic:


Aussie: Fatty Boomba, A Golden sponge of goodness!
Dr Gothic:
Use to love these as a kid.

Doritos (any flavor)

Aussie: Great for Nachos!
Dr Gothic: The original flavor is great. Not real fond of the flavored ones

Aussie: Aussie Goodness! That's what Austrailia is all about.
Dr Gothic: Nasty, If there is nothing at all left to eat except a jar of vegemite
and you are going to starve to death and I mean nothing else....
you can use the jar to kill yourself.


Aussie: Can't go past the Aussie pizza (Egg cracked over the pizza and then cooked).
Dr Gothic: I love pizza... but not sure about the cracked egg thing.

Tim Tams

Aussie: Chocolate goodness.
Dr Gothic: Never had them before.


Aussie: M&M's better than Smarties!
Dr Gothic: Their okay, not particularly fond of the peanut ones.

What's your favorite snack?
Let us know.