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Aussie Kamikaze does Tough Mudder!

Tough Mudder events are hardcore 18-20 km obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. Only 78% of entrants successfully complete each challenge.

We talked with Aussie about the Tough Mudder here is what he had to say:

So how was it?
Well I would have to say it's the best team building event I have ever done.

Did you have a group of teammates?
Yes the first time I did it with my best mate and brother in-law which helped me over the like as I needed it 2nd time just 1 other (dorpo) a family friend.

What was the toughest part of the event?
Well getting my ass fried with 10,000 volts or frozen in the ice bath so I can not feel my nuts I can not choice.

How did you feel after?
Well for almost 1 week I could not get out of bed. I took a week off work to sit on my ass.

Would you do it again?
I have done this 2 times already and will be doing my 3rd on the 22nd of march.